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Dentagon will provide for repairs to the hail damaged panels of your vehicle thru the use of Paintless Dent Repair techniques. If a panel is too severe for Paintless Dent Repair; Dentagon will replace and repaint according to Insurance Company Allowances. Dentagon will cover all parts and repainting warranties. The following terms, conditions and limitations apply.


All previous unrelated damaged not associated with hail damage is not covered by Dentagon. This warranty applies to the panels, which are repaired by Dentagon. It covers your vehicle under your subsequent ownership during the warranty period. The Warranty period relates exactly to the warranty period provided by the Manufacturer of your vehicle for coverage of defects in paint finish and corrosion. We, at Dentagon, warrant that our work will not compromise the maintenance of the finish or corrosion resistance of the sheet metal panels on your vehicle for the length of your lease or ownership of your vehicle. In the event of a sale or lease evaporation of your vehicle, the date of said sale or lease termination is the date that your warranty period expires for your vehicle. This is the date your Dentagon warranty period expires.

To obtain warranty repairs you must first check the paint finish of the manufacturer and its limitations as to causes and defects. Specifically Dentagon’s warranty is limited to defects caused by Dentagon Paintless Dent Repair. Call 1-866-DENTAGON to arrange for a review of your complaint. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING A RECORD OF YOUR REPAIR INVOICE. FAILURE TO PRESENT THIS RECORD MAY RESULT IN DENIAL OF YOUR WARRANTY CLAIM. Once the shop of your choice and Dentagon has determined that the complaint is valid and the damage was indeed caused by Dentagon then arrangements will be made to repair the damage at cost to Dentagon. Before Dentagon will issue any payment it must be given the opportunity to repair the problem itself. Then and only then; will payment be issued to any outside repair facility.


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